Men of Violence — Perpetrators of the Post Election Crackdown
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
01-Jun-2010 (5 comments)

On the anniversary of the disputed June 2009 election and one year of unprecedented violence and repression in Iran, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran released a report today naming fifteen leading officials responsible for carrying out the brutal repression against peaceful protestors and civil society activists.

The 36-page report, Men of Violence: Perpetrators of the Post Election Crackdown, provides detailed profiles of fifteen officials who either implemented brutal policies of repression or instigated and promoted violence against protestors. The report is available in multimedia as well as print formats on the Campaign’s website at //

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Anonymous Observer

FYI-FaryarM has blogged this article in the blog section

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People without morals or empathy for Iranians

by Gavazn on

This is probably one of the best articles I have read for ages. Name and Shame, quite rightly. I wonder if they have children and how do they feel about torturing other people's children? It begs the question how a person can do such things to others and live with themselves. Unless they are pschopaths.

Shifteh Ansari


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Thanks for posting this acopier.  This is an important first step for identifying the murderers of innocent people in Iran during the post-elections protests and the whole year after.  Very sad and very important.



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hamsade ghadimi

thanks for the post

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acopier, thanks for submitting the timely article (and associated links within it).  curiously, the gang leader khamenei is not on the list.  i doubt that the countries listed (especially uae) will cooperate in freezing the assets of these individuals.