Boeing cites Iran in tanker battle with EADS
Reuters / Jim Wolf
26-May-2010 (one comment)

Boeing Comany accused rival EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space) company of having courted Iran and other countries at odds with the United States and said this should figure in awarding a potential $50 billion U.S. Air Force refueling plane contract.

EADS, headquartered in Paris and Munich, "continues to do business with countries that are not friendly to the United States," Timothy Keating, Boeing's vice president of government operations, told a small group of reporters.

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ya right

by mahmoudg on

Lets not talk about the countless times Boeing has attempted to work with Iran and ship the parts for 727, 737, 747, C130, F4 to iran.  I know, i used to work for this unethical company.  Any where to make a buck and they are there.  Boeing is no different than the rest of the giant corporations.  if there is profit to me made they are there.  Now calling foul 'cause they do not have their hand in the pot is childish.