US to send secret military teams to Iran: NYT
24-May-2010 (5 comments)

Top US Commander in Middle East, Gen. David H Petraeus, has signed a secret directive ordering that 'Special Operations' troops be sent to countries such as Iran for reconnaissance, a move that may lead to possible strikes against Tehran if tensions over its nuclear ambitions escalate.

These military officials would be dispatched to nations in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa as well as Iran on intelligence gathering assignments, 'The New York Times' reported.

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well said fooladi. IRR is by far the most successful creation

by oktaby on

of imperialism and well serves in utility of shock doctrine



Just ignore these intentionally "leaked intelligent reports"

by fooladi on

The islamic regime and it's buffoon collective of leadership is now the biggest asset US has in the middle east! Cheap oil, 70m Iranians completely subdued, and a perfect excuse to have bases and forces in the middle east to tackle any possible military/economical ambitions by the other emerging superpower, China 



by MRX1 on

will work, if you have a real one with some meat, which would choke the life out of IRR thugs:

1) immideate freeze of all the funds that mullah's  and aghazadehs's accumilated and left in foreign banks. No transactions going in and out. Without money how long will IRR be able to feed and provide guns and food for their goons?

2) An order to arrest any member in the leadership of IRR the moment they set their foot out of Iran to be delivered to hague to face the international tribunal for charges of crimes aganist humanity.

3) Prevent the flow of Iranian oli to the international market, by not letting any oil ship into Iranian ports.

Unfortunatley steps above requires true leader with guts to implement it. with community organizer in the white house I doubt you will see this....


mahmoudg, your despise of IRR is widely shared

by oktaby on

But how is a foreign attack based on a long failed foreign policy and nuclear excuse going to help Iranian people? If anything it helps IRR to rally people around that kharchang flag. If U.S and allies were interested in helping Iran, they have had dozens of opportunities in 31 years. Your scenario is wishful thinking.

Promoting or supporting attack on Iran is not acceptable or supportable under any conditions. 



plans had already been in place

by mahmoudg on

During Bush's tenure and they are being dusted off just now.  Sanctions will not work with this regime.  These people understand nothing but to be hit upside the head.  Plus what will sanctions do with the Pasdqrs and the Basij??  These brain washed souls will still cause trouble for American interests all over the world, unless we cleanse them from the Persian society.  The only way to accomplish that is/are with strategic strikes aginst the regime assets and military sites, and keeping up the pounding until such time that the Iranians themselves will topple the regime.