Hole blasted in Israel's nuclear 'ambiguity'
IRISHTIMES.COM / Mary Fitzgerald
24-May-2010 (2 comments)

ANALYSIS: Revelations about Israel’s atomic activities and nuclear arsenal shatter its strategic coyness and poke a finger at US hypocrisy, writes MARY FITZGERALD
IT HAS long been considered the Middle East’s worst-kept secret. Wreathed in a self-styled policy of “ambiguity” or “opacity”, Israel’s nuclear capability has been the source of decades of speculation. But the carefully cultivated secrecy was dealt a blow yesterday when a report in a British newspaper cited previously classified papers, unearthed by American academic Sasha Polakow-Suransky, which the paper says provide the first official documentary proof of the existence of Israeli nuclear arms.
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Peter Hounam, the journalist who worked on the Vanunu story for the Sunday Times , watched the fallout from yesterday’s report with interest. “This blows the concept of ambiguity out of the water,” he told The Irish Times . “How can the West now allow Israel the leeway it has had up to this point?”
Hounam, who dealt with claims of Israeli co-operation with apartheid South Africa in a book he wrote on the latter’s nuclear capabilities, says the disclosures raise several questions. “If they can sell to a pariah state like that, who else have they been dealing with? Once a country develops nuclear weapons clandestinely, all bets are off.”
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But the nod-and-wink attitudes towards Israel’s nuclear arsenal are coming under unprecedented pres... >>>

Dan Huck

Shimon Peres Clandestine Nuclear Proliferator!

by Dan Huck on

President Shimon Peres, the architect of Israel's nuclear program 50 years ago, it has now been shown, signature on the dotted line, nefariously colluded with the South African apartheid regime in the development of their nuclear weapons program, as well as offered that pariah regime the opportunity to buy atomic warheads from Israel!



This has been a very interesting revelation to say the least

by Bavafa on

I guess the only ambiguity is what other despicable regimes/groups they have sold these weapon to?