China Is Not On Board For Serious Sanctions Against Iran / –Flynt Leverett, Hillary Mann Leverett
13-Apr-2010 (2 comments)

In the midst of its Nuclear Security Summit and in the wake of President Obama’s bilateral meeting with China’s President Hu yesterday, the Obama Administration is vigorously spinning the U.S. and Western media that it has won Chinese support for new sanctions against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear activities. To say the least, this is an exaggeration on the Obama Administration’s part, and wholly unreflective reporting on the part of those journalists who repeated the exaggeration without question or context.

In fact, China had agreed—even before President Hu arrived in Washington for the Nuclear Security Summit—to participate in discussions with other United Nations Security Council members about potential new sanctions against Iran. However, China is already indicating that some of the tougher measures still included in the U.S.-supported draft resolution are unacceptable, from Beijing’s perspective. In particular, China has explicitly rejected a proposed ban on new investments in the Islamic Republic’s energy sector. Official Chinese press reports indicate that, in his meeting with President Obama, President Hu maintained Beijing’s position that the Iranian nuclear issue should be resolved “through dialogue and negotiations”. In terms of specific commitments, according to these reports, Hu said only that China “stands ready to maintain consultation and coordination with the United States and other parties”.

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Dan Huck

None So Deaf As Those Who Will Not Hear!

by Dan Huck on

A used-car salesman I knew told me he was trained to not hear the customer's first ten 'no's'. American diplomats and MSM seem to have the same training. I'm sure, cross-culturally, it gets even more difficult.
Anyone who has interactions with Chinese people is familiar with a constant 'yes, yes, …yes' response.
Does it mean Yes? No!
It means 'I hear you'. It does not mean I agree with you!
Being willing to 'consider' what the US is proposing is similar to being willing to 'consider' buying a used car.
China has already told us they are committed to diplomacy.



Beijing accepts that fresh Security Council action is coming

by sag koochooloo on

Beijing accepts that fresh Security Council action over Iran is coming, even if China wants room to negotiate over the sanctions proposed by Western powers. She has played the cautious game of appeasing American sentiments by saying, Yes, We’ll Talk, while in complementary statements saying, No, We Don’t Do Anything Drastic.

Hours after reporters fed by US officials were declaring Washiington-Beijing unity on the sanctions path, this from the Chinese Foreign Ministry: “We believe that the Security Council’s relevant actions should be conducive to easing the situation and conducive to promoting a fitting solution to the Iranian nuclear issue through dialogue and negotiations.”