Rigi may have put the last nail in Bakiev's coffin
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09-Apr-2010 (3 comments)

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has a good article today on the – shock, shock – “Russia connection” to this week’s uprising in Kyrgyzstan. An icky aspect of this tale is that the US is widely perceived to have been bolstering the cartoonishly corrupt regime of ousted president Kurmanbek Bakiev, by paying him big bucks to lease the air base at Manas for support to NATO operations in Afghanistan.

Bakiev, who was approved by Moscow when he seized power in 2005, has been steadily disappointing Russians ever since. Moscow gave him a long leash when it came to Kyrgyz debt and the inflow of much-needed natural gas, electric power, and infrastructure investment; but everyone has known Bakiev was pocketing pretty much anything in Kyrgyzstan that walked and talked like a commercial profit, and skinning the country’s people and independent businesses to service debt.

Still, he was Moscow’s S.O.B., until he decided in June 2009 – against his own previous announcement and his parliament’s vote in February 2009 – to let the US Air Force keep using the Manas base, so that he could keep raking in the lease money. The US lease was renewed again, with little fanfare, in mid-March 2010. Russia’s ambition remains getting the US out of the former Soviet republics entirely, and Bakiev kept heading the wrong direction. Given the expectations Moscow has for the new government in Bishkek, closing Manas to our forces will now get easier.

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US/Russia/Kyrgyz axis - What is Rigi doing here?

by MM on

Bakiev was Russia's man in 2005 when he took over.  But, he had been neglecting his duties to Russia and siding with the US allowing the continuation of the NATO air base which he pocketed the rent money.  When the Rigi episode went down and Russia found out that Rigi got instructions at the Kyrgyz airbase, well, send out the Kazaks.


maziar 58

stay tuned..........

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the next collaps will be in saudi kingdom,before heading to qum .....

for the final show-down..............

viva democracy ( Americans says: IF you don't have it) we'll deliver it,guaraneed or your call is free. 



MM, dont get shocked

by iran_zameen on

polish prez dead in Tupolev plane crash

remember american/polish agreement over summer to place missile in poland- inter ballistic missiles then got canceled