Ahmadinejad retreats in clash over Iran’s budget
World Socialist Web Site / Keith Jones
02-Apr-2010 (2 comments)

Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has backed down from a confrontation with the country’s parliament over the implementation of a politically explosive plan to phase out $100 billion worth of price subsidies for gasoline, electricity, public transport, bread and other food staples.

For several weeks, Ahmadinejad, his aides and ministers had been insisting that, in amending the government’s budget proposal, the Majlis (parliament) had sabotaged the government’s plans to eliminate the subsidies in a manner that would limit the economic and political fallout, especially the adverse impact on the poor.

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Do you know what "Super Title" is?

by acopier101 on

If you don't know what "Super Title" is, here is something to help you with,

Super Title: "a one word or one phrase super title which will appear in orange above the news link, as a commentary on the news or a way to draw attention to the piece."

You need to pay attention to a couple of things in that definition, "as a commentary", "a way to draw attention to".  Super Title is not a headline as you claim it to be.  I did not change the "Title" of the article, niether the headline.  The headline appears as it was in the original news feed, "Ahmadinejad retreats in clash over Iran’s budget".

Also, in this case, look up the word "retreat" in any thesaurus, it means "back down".  If you don't like what's in the Super Title why don't you post whatever news item it is that you like and write whatever Super Title for it that you wish, so you wouldn't be disgusted anymore.  



Backed down?

by fussygorilla on

Iran has a constituion and a constitutional system according to which the Parliament must approve whatever legislation the executive branch offers.  it is to the credit of the executive to accept the amendments, revisions, and rejection of parts of the bill the government has presented. Absolutely nothing new here. Why do you guys feel that you HAVE TO distort the issue by your inflammatory headline? Disgusting!