Inside Washington: NIAC’s Battle to Save the Persepolis Tablets
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01-Apr-2010 (3 comments)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An Up Close Look at the Fight to Protect Our Heritage

Washington, DC - The campaign to save the Persepolis Tablets is quietly gaining momentum, as NIAC and some of the nation’s top universities work to protect thousands of priceless cultural artifacts at risk of being seized by lawyers and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Since 2006, NIAC has led the Iranian-American community’s efforts to protect the Persepolis Tablets, a unique collection that provides the world’s only first-hand window into daily life in Persepolis 2,500 years ago.  We have fought on all fronts—in the media, the courts, the Congress, and even the White House—to protect these precious artifacts so that they remain available for everyone to enjoy and appreciate.

NIAC’s Legislative Strategy to Save the Persepolis Tablets




Persepolis Amendment: by Senator R. Burris (D, IL)

by MM on

Finally, some good news on the legislative front to save the Persepolis tablets, thanks to Senator Roland Burris (D, IL).  Let's keep up momentum to save the Persepolis tablets, or else see them auctioned off on Christies as well as ebay.

Please support your local fundraising events for the Persepolis legal defense fund.  Lawsuits are expensive. 

Supporting folks like Senator Roland Burris on the hill just became part of my political focus.




Thanks to all for their effort on this

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سناتور رولاند بوریس (ایلینویس، د) به ما عیدی داد