US Jewish Rep. demands Obama-Netanyahu meeting
Press TV
23-Mar-2010 (one comment)

The US President Barack Obama should
demonstrate he is a "serious" supporter of Tel Aviv by appearing
publicly with the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, says a Jewish
Republican Representative.

Eric Cantor, the only GOP Jewish member in the US House of
Representatives, told AFP on Tuesday that he felt "very disheartened" as
there was no scheduled joint press conference or any photo event
between Obama and the Israeli prime minister.

"At a time when there's some question" about the health of the
alliance, said Cantor, "the president should be taking every opportunity
to stand up publicly and reaffirm that we stand with our ally Israel."

Cantor said the president should appear publicly with Netanyahu "if
we're serious" about showing that the US-Israeli bilateral ties are not

Jewish Senators and Representatives in the US are widely believed to
be far more committed to Israel than the US, often going out of their
way to demand complying with every request that the regime makes,
whether military, financial or political.

Cantor's comments came a day after the US top diplomat, Hillary
Clinton, addressing the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
annual conference, pledged "personal commitment" to guarantee Israel's
security, . . .

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Dan Huck

Coffee Wi-Fi, Starbucks, Blocks Iran's

by Dan Huck on

Sip your coffee, and read it here! (The balance of the article follows, in case you're at Starbucks!)

"describing White House ties to the Tel Aviv regime as "rock solid, unwavering, enduring and forever" support for the security of Israel.

It is common for top US Administration officials and congressional leaders and representatives to race to AIPAC conferences to express loyalty and support for the regime that occupies Palestine.

According to the non-profit anti-lobby organization 'Common Cause' and similar groups in the US that campaign against political contributions by powerful corporate and lobby groups, an overwhelming majority of American Senators and House Representatives receive financial contribution and importance lobbying support from AIPAC. "