British envoy: Iran is getting weaker
Foreign Policy / Colum Lynch

The West needs to convince ordinary Iranians that it cares as much about peace in the Middle East and political freedom inside Iran as it does about the threat posed by Tehran's nuclear program, Britain's envoy to the United States said in a speechtoday before Jewish leaders in Miami, Florida. 

The address by British Ambassador Nigel Sheinwald appeared calculated to reinforce the Obama administration's attempts to prod Israel into pursuing a new round of political talks with the Palestinians. He also called for greater patience to allow U.S. and European governments time to show they can rein in Tehran's nuclear ambitions without resorting to the use of force.

"We need to work with our allies in the region to contain Iran's unhelpful influence and increase the price to Iran of its dangerous behavior. Properly handled, this can help us on the nuclear file," Sheinwald told a gathering of the American Jewish Committee of Miami/Broward County. "Most importantly, progress on the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians will ... help squeeze Iranian political space."

The call for patience comes as the U.N. Security Council appears stalled by China from moving ahead on a new round of sanctions. France's Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner has said it may take until June before the counc... >>>

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