That's the logical outcome of the Obama administration's current policies. / Lee Smith
18-Mar-2010 (8 comments)

Last week, one of Syria's government news organs riffed on the title of my book The Strong Horse; Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations. "The American president," Al Tharwawrote, "was betting on the sick horse." Instead of siding with Syria's Hamas allies, Obama was backing the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas. From Damascus' perspective, the description also applies to the United States' other Arab allies, like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf sheikhdoms, as well as to Egypt and Jordan. These states are ready to be put out to pasture, while it is Iran's "axis of resistance," including Hezbollah and Hamas, as well as Syria itself, that represents the rising power.

OK, maybe the regime in Damascus hasn't actually read my book. I lifted the title from Osama Bin Laden, anyway. "When people see a strong horse and a weak horse," said Bin Laden, "by nature, they will like the strong horse." But the Syrian appraisal confirms my thesis—in the Middle East, political power is the prerogative of... >>>

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Niloufar Parsi

AO: here's the antidote

by Niloufar Parsi on

Hundreds of powerful US
“bunker-buster” bombs are being shipped from California to the British
island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in preparation for a possible
attack on Iran.

The Sunday Herald can
reveal that the US government signed a contract in January to transport
10 ammunition containers to the island. According to a cargo manifest
from the US navy, this included 387 “Blu” bombs used for blasting
hardened or underground structures.

say that they are being put in place for an assault on Iran’s
controversial nuclear facilities. There has long been speculation that
the US military is preparing for such an attack, should diplomacy fail
to persuade Iran not to make nuclear weapons.

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Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

but the iraqis have gone for the more secular option. the afghans have stayed true to old form. syrians and lebanese not changed much. there is no foregone conclusion about who would take over in the event of a government overthrow in other countries. not that i believe this is going to happen.  one reason is that iran herself is heading in a secular direction. this reform business is far greater than street protests alone. 

Anonymous Observer

Good analysis Vildemose

by Anonymous Observer on

I agree.  If the U.S. leaves the ME, all pro-U.S. governments such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt will fall, which, in turn, will mean a free for all for the Islamist loons. Not that any of these governments are angels, but in the grand scheme of things, they beat the IRI and the Taliban.   


US going bankrupt and broke!

by Anonymous8 on

the worse crisis since 40's, and far worse than 70's. they are already leaving iraq, like they left vietnam. vildemose, this is backwards.


The US has no option but to

by vildemose on

The US has no option but to stay in the ME. Leaving the ME is not an option much to chagrin of Islamist Ommah seeking terrorists. Further radicalization of the Islamists of all stripes will only increase the staying power of the American Military. America's economic decline will also increase the chance of US permanent presence.

Note: America' economy has been declining since late 70's; hence, America both in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Niloufar Parsi

AO that was a fun read!

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for sharing. quite a fresh perspective from a surprising source.


A Middle East Without American Influence?

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It will be a win win situation! ME will survive and flourish w/o US support

for Israel and Americans need the US government to take care of their own dire need. Be it jobs, healthcare, education and violence at home.

In short, US has no choice but to leave ME for its own sake. Take it as an end to a new and beautiful begining!



wouldn't that be a fresh air.

by Bavafa on

Enough is enough for this empire to rule the ME.