Ahmadinejad, cabinet visit Hormozgan Province
Tehran Times / Political Desk

Ahmadinejad said he did not believe that “even a new military conflict” could save the Israeli regime.

Tehran Times Political Desk

regime has the illusion that if it starts a new war against Lebanon or Syria, it will survive a little longer. “I am telling them that you are in a situation now that more aggressions or wars will
not save you.”

Israel has now “reached the end of its road,” he noted.

“They (the West) rounded up the most criminal people in the world and stationed them in our region under fabricated scenarios… They waged wars, committed massive aggressions… and made millions of people homeless,” Ahmadinejad lamented.

“Today, it is obvious that Israel is the most detestable regime in the world … It is of no use for its masters anymore… They (the Western countries) are wondering whether to continue investing money on this regime or not.”

Ahmadinejad predicted that Palestinians and other regional nations will finally “get rid of the bad omen” of the Israeli regime.

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