Barak: No imminent danger from Iran
The Jerusalem Post
08-Mar-2010 (one comment)

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday downplayed the so-called Iranian threat, encouraging a more relaxed discourse on what he didn't perceive as an imminent danger to the Jewish State.

“Perhaps in the future the Iranian regime will become a threat, but at the moment there is no need to get too agitated," he said at the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. "We are acting to prevent Iran from becoming [a threat],” he continued.

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"Time will tell" always! Not too long ago Israel along with its Zionist supported media were feeding the world of "existentional" Iranian threat to Israel. Some self proclaimed anti Iran Iranians were also playing the same tune parrot-like to convince Iranians that if Israel launched a few nukes into Tehran, that would after be their regime's fault.

As, time always will reveal the truth , this manufactured lie has finally come to public attention at the end of short life time, finally.


However, the proper question to ask is "why now?". Why would Israel utter such words as this point in time? The answer is not that difficult really. In spite of all the Huff and Puff and military superiority gesturing against Iran and Israel's possible attacks against Iran, Israel is now convinced that the the US dead horse has no more life for another war (especially for Israel) which will put its very own existance into jeoperty. Israel, is now forced to reduce expectations to attack Iran without severe Iranian retaliation. The hidden reality is that the US/Israel are both trapped in thier own web. In spite all the media filled peopaganda (true and false) against Iran, both the US and Israel realize Iran cannot be dealt with militarily and sooner or later the US will have to sit at the table across from Iran and exchange some bargains in recognition for Iranian geopolitical interests, even if some of that may be at the expense of Israel.

But, time will tell. So far, the US is giving hints to Iran by pulling out of Iraq, sending a cruise ship to Bandar Abbas and/or engaging Iran through sports, such as wrestling diplomacy.

The signs are on the wall!