Rigi: US promised military base and unlimited aid
PressTV / PressTV
25-Feb-2010 (5 comments)

Jundallah terrorist leader Abdolmalek Rigi confesses to offers of unlimited support by the US spy agency, the CIA.

In a televised confession on Iranian TV, Rigi said that in a Dubai meeting with CIA agents, he was promised unlimited support that included a military base anywhere near the Iranian border equipped with weaponry and training facilities.

Rigi added that he was to meet a top US intelligence official in the US military base of Manas in Kyrgyzstan to work the details of the support US will provide for his group.

The terrorist leader emphasized that the US operatives insisted in their meetings with him that Iran is their primary focus in the region, even more important than al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Rigi added that the CIA agents also explained to him that since a US military attack on Iran would be very difficult, the intend to support all anti-Iran groups that have the capability of waging war inside Iran and destabilize the

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Murderers, Thugs and Traitors.

by thexmaster on

In psychology, we call this projection.  


Great comedy

by thexmaster on

by our friends at VEVAK and PressTV.  They can't even lie small.  It always has to be spectacular.  

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Yeah....we'll believe that.... :-)))


What a bunch of crap

by Cost-of-Progress on

Truth is that the alienation of all minorities by your anti nationalist mullahs has made a lot of Iranian not want to have anything to do with iran and the mullahcracy. That's the reason, not this garbage you posted.

Irony is that you are given a podium here to post your thoughts; something you would afford others in iran.

Murderers, Thugs and Traitors. 




Darius Kadivar

Jooneh Amat !

by Darius Kadivar on

After Tortured confessions no doubt !