Report: Hamas founder's son worked for Israel
CNN / Kevin Flower
25-Feb-2010 (17 comments)

Jerusalem (CNN) -- The son of a Hamas official worked for Israeli intelligence and was the Jewish state's "most valuable source in the militant organization's leadership," a news report said Wednesday.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz said Mosab Hassan Yousef, 32, son of the Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, was an informant for Israel's domestic security service known as the Shin Bet, beginning in 1997. He had been recruited while serving time in prison.

The information Yousef passed on was considered so important and saved so many lives that his Shin Bet handlers gave him the nickname "The Green Prince," a reference to his relation to the Hamas founder and the color of the movement's flag.

Yousef was instrumental in the arrest of a number of top Palestinian officials, including Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti and Hamas military wing members Abdullah Barghouti and Ibrahim Hamid, the report said.

The report is based on Haaretz's interview with Yousef and on excerpts from his soon-to-be-released memoir called "Son of Hamas."

In 2007, Yousef left the region for the United States and spoke publicly about his conversion to Christianity and his renunciation of Hamas.

In the Haaretz article, a former Israeli handler described Yousef as being so valuable that he deserved to win the Israel security prize.

"His grasp of intelligence matters was just as good as ours -- the ideas, the insights," said the hand... >>>


For Our Israel Obsessed Friend IMF

by Onlyiran on

I really couldn't care less about Israelis and Palestinians. I think that they are mirror images of one another.  More importantly, I think that their conflict has nothing to do with Iran and is a red herring that is used by the IRI and its supporters, like this non-Iranian IMF guy, to take attention away from the atrocities committed by the IRI against the Iranian people. That being said, however, I posted this peice for IMF so that he can get off his high horse.




no problem ;-)

by MM on



MM My friend

by Onlyiran on

I ordinarily wouldn't have done it.  But I figured that I do it just to see this anti-Iranian character's response.


It is so much fun

by on

here! never thought I can see so many frustrated losers in one place all at the same time!


Oops! time to go make some money!



onlyiran: I think you're

by vildemose on

onlyiran: I think you're right. I also think Sargord is an Israeli agent.


Hamas busted, but pls post in IMF/AN/VF sites - not Iranian news

by MM on

of interest.


thexmaster - We know all about IMF

by Onlyiran on

Very funny.  Actually I think that we all know the answer already.  He never posted it because he doesn't want anyone to know what kind of low lives he is supporting.  Low lives who sell the lives of their own women and children for money and other privileges.  If he admits to supporting these thugs, then where does that leave him? :-))



Somebody call the wambulance for IMF

by thexmaster on

It's nobodies business why IMF is a flaming hypocrite, and he doesn't have to explain why he supports murderers, thugs, rapists and liars.  It's just that simple!


It is simple

by on

You still have not answered the question:

why didn't you post this news story that has been all over
international media when you post every little obscure story about the
Israeli / Palestinian conflict?

It is simple, it is none of your business why and what I should like or not! 

I hope you got the answer this time!





by Onlyiran on


You still have not answered the question:

why didn't you post this news story that has been all over international media when you post every little obscure story about the Israeli / Palestinian conflict? 


Am I surprised?

by on

Am I surprised of bunch of who constantly claim that Israeli/Palestinian problems have nothing to do with Iran, absolutely not!

Unless one chooses to be dumb, there has been a bunch of news posted here regarding the Israeli interests in Iran. No amount of Iranian hands off policy with Hamas or Hezbollah will tame the Israeli appetite as far as Iran is concerned. In fact, Israeli appetite is the whole Middle East including Turkey.

Now for you delusional people who can't basically put 1+1 together (either because of your allegiance to foreign governments or simply because you area gullible Iranians) you can rest assured that Israel is an enemy of Iran was so even during the Shah. They simply play different games at different times but the objective never changes.

As for Palestinians, for me personally, the objective is the TOTAL freedom from occupation for Palestinians and regaining all their lost occupied lands. Everything else is simply a side Israeli infiltration into Palestinian resistance forces and governments has been a problem for Palestinians. But given their small land they live on today and a small population totally controlled by Israel, this should be rather expected and as a norm not an exception. But regardless, the Palestinian resistance will overcome all such problems as it always has and the resistance will continue as it always has been with gaining strength including International support. That is what frightens the Israelis and their pathetic supporters everywhere including here @ IC!

Now if I were a Green advocating freedom and Denocracy for Iranians, I would also get active with supporting Palestinians to gain theirs nd in fact do the same for all freedom loving people. By not supporting their cause or staying oblibious to their cause, you are making your ideology very doubtful in the eyes of the word. especially because true Iranians believe in what Saadi says:


Of one
Essence is the human race,

Thusly has Creation put the Base;

impacted is sufficient,

For all Others to feel the Mace.



Not believing in this, you are not Iranian you are simply a fake!





by Onlyiran on

akhoonds are prostitutes (both figuratively and literally).  Plus, they have no loyalty to Iran whatsoever.  So, putting those two things together, I won't be surprised if a good chunk of them are spies for one country or the other. 

hamsade ghadimi

hamas outed :)

by hamsade ghadimi on

onlyiran, i doubt that imf is in fact  i think that the israelis are not that dumb to have one of their agents trolling  people like imf don't concede on a single point to anyone who has a different opinion than them.  at least, i've never seen it with this character (and some others like him).  they don't follow a logical argument and 'as shakheh be shakheh miparan.'  and these people would never admit to or publicize something embarrassing about the governments/organizations that they hype.  just as they would not say something good about gov'ts/orgs they don't like.

thanks for the article.  i wonder how many bacheh akhoonds are working for the other side.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Onlyiran Jaan Right On !


This guy, our friend,  has

by Gavazn on

This guy, our friend,  has no credibility because he posts nonsense out of spite.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I totally agree with Onlyiran. I could not give a rats a*** about either Israel or Palestine. Only time it matters is if it impacts Iran.

Regarding that I have been saying Iran should make peace with both Isreal and US. Then go on and worry about our problems. Not theirs.

Now regarding Hammas: It was created by Israel in order to counter the PLO. Like so many other stupid ideas it backfired. Just as  IRR backfired on Jimmy Carter and his idiots.

There are so many  idiots in "intelligence" serivces that is remarkable. No wonder ex-CIA moron Leverett beleives IRR is popular.


I also wonder

by Onlyiran on

why this important news on Israel / Palestine was never shared with us on this site by IMF.  He seems to have a penchant for posting any mundane news coming out of that part of world, but he never posted this news, which has been all over world's media for the past few days.

I'm beginning to think that perhaps IMF himself is a cloaked Israeli spy, like this Hamas guy.  May be he's here to collect information under the guise of an Islamist. Think about it.  Why else would he not post this news?!!!