Iran, GCC call Hamas assassination act of 'terror'
25-Feb-2010 (7 comments)

DUBAI — Iran and the Gulf Cooperation Council on Tuesday joined the chorus denouncing the death of a Hamas leader in Dubai, with both calling it an act of terror and Tehran laying the blame squarely on Israel.

"The Dubai assassination is an act of state terrorism on the part of Israel," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in a report by state-run Press TV.

"Israel's existence is itself based on terrorist activities," he said, and described the Palestinian militant's death in his hotel room in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on January 20 as an "embarrassment for Europe."

GCC Secretary General Abdel Rahim al-Attiya urged European Union countries to cooperate with the UAE probe into the killing "to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice and prevent the repeat of such a terrorist act."

Attiya avoided blaming Israel for the militant's death, instead describing it as the work of an "organised criminal group."

Dubai has accused Israel of sending agents from its Mossad secret service to murder Mahmud al-Mabhuh, who was found dead in a hotel room in the emirate.

Dubai police chief Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan said last week that he was "99 if not 100" percent sure that the Israeli intelligence service was behind the killing.

Israel has shrugged off accusations of its involvement, and on Tuesday rejected Arab Israeli calls for an open debate on the assassination, even as opposition leader Tzipi... >>>

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Perhaps this guy helped in the assassination


You misreable and pethetic loser, do you understand that you are actually accusing me in a terrorist envolvement? Do you understand the implications of your shear stupidity here? 





Please excuse south lebanese chicken little

by Fair on

He has proven many times that he is a pathological liar, has no savad, and has allegiance to South Lebanon and not Iran. He issues challenges here, but has ran away with his tail between his legs from my challenge to actually stand behind some false statements he made.  That is ok-such people are concerned not one bit with fairness and accuracy and truth.

For some reason he has wandered onto an Iranian website and keeps talking about Lebanese and Arabs and everything but Iran.  If there were an equivalent of  a GPS for the web, it would be a good idea for all of us to pitch in to get one for him so that he can realize he is on the wrong website. 

Poor thing.




Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You ***** there are plenty of Semitic Iranians. All the Iranian Jews are Semitic. The queen of Iran Ester included! What are you smoking. Being Iranian is not a race. It is a nationality which you do not belong to.


This IMF, or whatever he calls himself today

by Cost-of-Progress on


"Chances are they will be very disappointed to find the high percentage of Arad genes that run in your anti Arab blood!"

This is kind of like a smoking gun that this guy is NOT Iranian. No Iranian will say something like this, probably not even abrainwashed and confused Islamic regime supporter.

به زودی دشمنان  ایران از بین خواند رفت - یعنی کسانی چون شما





And, the people of Iran

by Cost-of-Progress on

call the Islamic Regime "the masters of terror".






I don't think many Shia Lebanese necessarily hate Iranians

by thexmaster on

But some have no choice but to show their support for the murderous IRI in order for the hezbollah prostitutes to keep receiving payment.  

Then there are some like IMF who take joy in seeing Iranians get raped, tortured and murdered by this foreign government.  


IMF: Your handlers are

by vildemose on

IMF: Your handlers are doing a lousy job training you..

Why do you hate Iranian so much?? Why do Shia Lebanese Hate Iran and its culture??