200 Days After They Went Missing, Mothers of Jailed U.S. Hikers Urge Iran to Release Their Children
alternet.org / Amy Goodman
25-Feb-2010 (one comment)

AMY GOODMAN: We begin today with an update on the three Americans who have been held in Iran for over six months. Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal were detained on July 31st after accidentally crossing into Iran while hiking in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. The three are in Iran's notorious Evin prison.

It's been more than 200 days since the families of the detained Americans have had any contact with them. Their last consular visit from Swiss diplomats who represent American interests in Iran was in late October, and the Iranian lawyer their families asked to represent them has also been refused access. In November, Iran's judiciary announced espionage charges against the three.

But this Tuesday brought a glimmer of hope when Iran's top human rights official told journalists in Geneva he's considering a request by the families of the three hikers to visit them in prison. Mohammad Javad Larijani said the Iranian Council for Human Rights had recommended the detained Americans be allowed family visits.


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by yolanda on

Thank you for posting the article......if the 3 journalists' future release is related to Rigi's handover.......we will have more this type of quid pro quo in the future........I hope the 3 people can be released soon!