Israel unveils new drone that can fly to Gulf
BBC news
21-Feb-2010 (2 comments)

AP quoted defence officials as saying the planes could provide surveillance and jam enemy communications.

Israel, along with the US and other Western nations, believes Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons and has repeatedly suggested it could attack the country if diplomatic attempts to curb the programme fail.

At the fleet's inauguration ceremony at an airbase in central Israel, IAF commander Maj Gen Ido Nehushtan said the new drone "has the potential to be able to conduct new missions down the line as they become relevant".

Israeli officials refused to say how large the new fleet was.


The latest instrument for state terrorism

by Bavafa on

It would be utterly irresponsible for Iranians to sit idle in a neighborhood that the biggest bully armed with WMD and the latest weaponry keeps threatening Iranians.



Think about it!

by on

With American taxpayer's money, Us technology from electronics to engines andaccess to US military GPS such roject would never have come about. 

Dame Irooniha garm! With all restiction, anything from sanctions to economic hardship, they manage to produce impressive military hardware! That is called real "achievement" !!!!

It would be far more cost effective to the US taxpayer to simply provide similar UAVs from US stock to the Israelis as a whole system instead of creating a false image for israel as a "Technological marvel". As is, the Israelis get US to pay for their systems with American funds and in the end steal the US technology and sell it to countries such as China to make even more money.