U.S. warns Iran of defiance's consequences
16-Feb-2010 (one comment)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) - The Obama administration on Tuesday warned that Iran's rejection of international proposal on its nuclear program would result in consequences, saying engagement is a means to end the program.

"Our policy of engagement is not for the sake of simply engaging. This is not talk for the sake of talking. Engagement is a means toward an end," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters.

"If Iran is unwilling to constructively take part in that and change its behavior, then, .. their not changing their behavior will have consequences," Gibbs added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warned that any country imposes sanctions would regret their decision, but added that Iran is still considering a UN-brokered uranium swap deal.

"For sure, if anyone decide to adopt any measure against Iran, our response ... will be retaliative which will make them regret," said Ahmadinejad in a live press conference broadcast by the state- run IRIB TV.

According to the president, if the West provides the 20 percent uranium fuel, Iran could consider to suspend producing the 20 percent uranium fuel, the level needed to supply for Iran's medical research reactor.

The international community worries Tehran may obtain the uranium fuel needed for nuclear weapons by the same process to purify uranium, while Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

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Dan Huck

Peaceful, Shmeceful! End it Now! WH Spokesmn Gibbs

by Dan Huck on

Iran, and I think the vast majority of the international community, has not taken the hint the US has been trying to send. I didn't get it either. I thought we were saying "prove to us you are not embarking on a nuclear weapons program." The hint is, according to White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, our engagement with Iran is simply for one way communication - END THE NUCLEAR PROGRAM - that's it, that's what we are saying.
We are not interested in any existential talks with Iran about peripheral topics, we don't want to be distracted off message, we are uninterested in the fact the IAEA has never found anything to indicate Iran has embarked on a program to build nuclear weapons. We are not interested in hearing that!
Iran has got to end it's nuclear program regardless it is for peaceful purposes or not. WE ARE SAYING THIS! Don't you understand! If Iran (or anyone else) says where is the logic to your demand? What gives you the right to demand this? Why are you ignoring Israel, the nuclear BOULDER in your own eye, as Christ may have said, and looking at the speck in Iran's eye? If anyone in the international community asks these questions, they don't understand! Constructively taking part in engagement with us means doing what we say, NOW!