Iran sanctions bill benefits from Joe-mentum
Foreign Policy / Josh Rogin
29-Jan-2010 (3 comments)

The Senate passed Chris Dodd's Iran sanctions package Thursday evening, following the narrow avoidance of a last-minute crisis over amendments that was solved by ... wait for it ... the mediation of Joseph Lieberman.

That's right. "Joe Lieberman came down and saved the day," one senior Senate aide told The Cable. Here's how it all went down behind the scenes:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was under a lot of pressure to pass the sanctions bill out of the Senate, especially after seven senators sent a bipartisan letter to Obama yesterday urging him to get moving on sanctions. The Dodd bill was extremely popular among senators and Reid has enough problems without being seen as weak on Iran.

Reid had promised to get it done before the break, but if he brought up the bill in February, the administration would complain that it was unhelpful in its drive to seek a new U.N. Security Council resolution on Iran sanctions, which they are expected to do as soon as France takes over the presidency of the council from China next week.

So tonight was the night, before senators leave town, and The Cable reported earlier today that negotiations were underway. As the deadline loomed, only one Senator was threatening to derail the plan to pass the bill easily: John McCain.

McCain’s proposed amendment would require the president to sanction Iranian officials who have committed human rights abuses or acts of violence against civilians engaging in peace... >>>

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by Abarmard on

Before going around and waving the superiority flag as I know best, let people have their ways and try to enhance your own understanding of the situation. If you have reached the highest level of political and social knowledge of Iran, then you may stand to criticize Mr. Parsi and those who are members of NIAC. Otherwise, go join your favorite organization and no one will bad mouth you for that.


Abarmard you are NIAC member and a Sympathizer of Islamic republ

by argebam on

At least they do not work as lobbyists of Islamic republic like NIAC.

You guys better take the side of Iranian people beofre it is too late. It looks like you leader Trita Parsi has already now he is talking about smart sanctions (before the Green movement he was in front of congrees asking to lift the sanctions and get a Grand Bargain). Green movement has put you guys in impasse.

I can not




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 believe you guys follow Trita Parsi like a sheep.


Josh Rogin writes about Lieberman saving the day!

by Abarmard on

Is this the United States or Israel?