Iran offers nuke fuel deal
11-Jan-2010 (one comment)

There are signs that negotiations with Iran over a nuclear fuel swap have resumed despite the expiration of the end-of-year deadline for a deal set by President Barack Obama.

While the Obama administration has stepped up talk of expanding sanctions on the regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, Iranian news reports and U.S. official sources say that Iran has recently returned a formal counter offer to swap low enriched uranium, or LEU, in exchange for nuclear fuel cells produced in the West.

The proposal comes as Iranian news reports say the foreign ministry has announced the halting of uranium enrichment for two months as a good-will gesture. Outside observers have not confirmed that claim.


Obama is close to make a deal with Mullahs

by peace45 on

While Iranians are being tortured and dying...Obama goes along negotiating with Mullhas...go figure! I really want to know which corporation is behind this push?? Who has been feeding Obama? certainly he had the most foreign donors than any other American president!