Bam's Iran blunder - Targeted sanctions won't work
New York Post / BENNY AVNI
04-Jan-2010 (2 comments)

The Obama administration's emerging "new" Iran policy, reportedly favoring "targeted" sanctions over the wider and more aggressive approach proposed by Congress, is sooooo 2009.

According to leaks from administration officials, Obama aides are now preparing a set of sanctions that would target "discrete elements" of the clerical regime, mostly commanders of the Revolutionary Guards. Those aides pooh-pooh wider sanctions, like imposing an embargo on refined petroleum, as the House of Representatives called for in a recent resolution.

There are two reasons for this approach, as The Washington Post explained the administration's thinking last week: to "avoid alienating the Iranian public -- while keeping the door ajar" for diplomatic negotiations with the mullahs over the nuclear issue.


Bam's Iran blunder?

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The neo-cons and AIPAC are extremely unhappy that their efforts in the Congress for broad-based sanctions were waisted.  Kudos to the efforts of NIAC, who argued in the Congress for targeted sanctions, and now the White House seems to agree with them.  And, a double-kudos to Obama's White House who shows leadership and expresses visions that are not clouded by the extreme elements.



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