Iran State Media Blames the “Baha’i Sect” for Recent Unrest
Muslim Network for Bahai Rights / Fars News Agency story:
29-Dec-2009 (6 comments)

Yesterday in Iran, articles appeared in two government-run news outlets blaming the Baha’i “sect” for the recent unrest in Iran, and namely the widespread protests that took place across the country on the day of Ashura. The Javan Newspaper, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, claimed that the protesters in “Mousavi’s camp” tore Qur’ans during the protests, and that this is a practice that is common among the “Baha’i branch” of Mousavi’s staff. The semi-official Fars News Agency, which has recently seen an influx in its ranks of Basij members, claimed that “Baha’ism under the leadership of Zionism is behind the latest crisis and unrest”. 

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dude if they were , let me

by nojanthegreat on

dude if they were , let me say my thanks to them .

as i say all iranian mothers need some action i am glad mine will get it , i hope yours be lucky as well lol

and to people who ealy care , i stand by what i say




Nojan JAN

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Were Bahais behind your mother too? Thats how you were concieved right?


The great profit , I think

by nojanthegreat on

The great profit , I think you didn’t read the whole think and had your own agenda ready to put out .

Bahia’s are not the only force behind this so called movement .

And about the list you just put out , I think its time for you and other Iranian to be more rational and understand how world and a society works.

Systematic torture and rape ?

Well I think you most know the prison are not picnic, when you go against any government you will see the punishment , water boarding and …. In USA and other countries well ,.

Rape happen in all prison in the world, have you ever seen American jail ?

When you talk about torture or rape you need to bring evidence , where are this people who have been rape ? Or tortured? Lets see the evident I se how we Iranian talk out of our a#$ .

I see people who lie to their teeth to get refugee pass.

Islam force down your throat ?

Have you been in Saudi Arabia ? Sudan ? Pakistan ? Afghanistan ? Just see the pics from both Islamic countries and see which one is more Islamic .

You see how Persian chicks put on the makeup and…. Do you see that in other countries?

And if in America , gays cant get married ,what is the reason ? I bet its partly on church in America .

Poor relation with the other countries ?

I never seen Iran this close to south America , in Africa , in even Asia ?

What are you really talking about . Have you ever seen American prez say aid Mubarak before ?

Iran only have two problems USA and Israel . Rest of the world are fine with Iran. Most of group is misled with refugee seeker and people like chalabies who are ready to sale their countries for money.

Poor economy ?

Iran is rank 48 in THE world in and its inflation is 139 from 230.

Remember Iranian don’t pay a dime as tax and on other hand IRI pay for almost anything , what you and people like you have done ? Hun ? Have you ever create a single job ?

So please tell me if Iranian youth are jobless , who pay for their cloths , cars cell phones , weekly parties , college and university , how Iranian buy 30 to 250 thousand dollar car in cash ?

How they buy houses worth more than million $ in cash . Do you hear about 12% unemployment rate , have you see the world economic ? With all usa and EU have done to Iran and ignorant like you have done in her streets .Iran has solid economic.

Come back when you start to pay for the services that you get , when you paid your income tax and…..

Then come and sing .

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Are you joking?

So it is all the Baha'i's right? How about the actions of the Islamic Republic that has brought misery to Iran. How about IRI's accomplishments:

  • Poor economy; lack of jobs.
  • The massive inflation
  • No personal freedom. 
  • Islam forced down your throat.
  • Poor relations with most of the world leading to sanctions.
  • Systematic torture and rape

Maybe these have more to do with Islamic Republics unpopularity than the Baha'i's.


Well in my view Bahia’s

by nojanthegreat on

Well in my view Bahia’s have been behind most of anti Islamic movement in Iran. They spend allot of money on Iran’s Muslim populations . They have organizations for Iranian so call religious refugees and that itself is hurting Iran’s image as a country open to other religious than Islam.

In my life I see allot of Baha’is and I now work for one of them , and work with some of them. They are nagging about mullahs or akhonds all day but they don’t go overboard with it. I think the whole house of justice or its body part in this work .

I know they are so active on this site and have put a lot of propaganda on this site.

But again is not the Baha’is people its more the house of justice and they get a lot of support from Israel government and USA is kind to them.


فریار عزیز از


فریار عزیز از ارسال این خبر بسیار متاثر هستم. زیرا  دوستان بهائی در ایران طی‌ حدود۱۷۰ سال در دست ظالمان اسیر و بی‌ پناه اند هرکس مشکلی‌ دارد  گناه آنرا بر سر بهائیان مظلوم مینگارد و در عزا  و عروسی‌ قربانی میکنند

به امید پروردگار این ابرهای تیرهٔ ظلمانی بزودی از افق این سرزمین مقدّس زدوده شود و کشور و هموطنان عزیزمان در صلح و آزادی و برابری همزیستی‌ نمایند

وعدهای حضرت بهاالله را فراموش  نفرمائید