Iran blasts off ahead of countdown
Asia Times Online / Kaveh L Afrasiabi
17-Dec-2009 (one comment)

WASHINGTON - As if tensions were not high enough, Iran on Wednesday test-fired an upgraded version of the Sajjil-2, a solid-state, medium-range, ballistic missile, drawing immediate criticism from the United States for the "provocative" act.

Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi said the missile's test would act as "a strong deterrent" against possible foreign attack, referring to the crisis over Iran's nuclear program, which in some quarters in the West is believed to be designed to build a nuclear bomb.

Dan Huck

Matador's Red Cape Will Protect Him?

by Dan Huck on

The "news" of the trigger device, which might be a fabrication, AIPAC's sanction's choreography in the Congress, President Obama's inadvertent Israel imposed 'deadline', things seem to be piling up to totally distract from Iran's seemingly reasonable and diplomatic approach to the LEU swap.

The Iranian defense establishment seems to feel, apparently, Foreign Minister Mottaki could be helped, as many hapless Matador's have been in the past, with something bright and flashy to distract the bull.