Spymaster opens up on Israel's cyber tactics
16-Dec-2009 (6 comments)

"I would like to point out... that the cyberwarfare field fits well with the state of Israel's defence doctrine," he told the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), a Tel Aviv University think-tank.

He added: "This is an enterprise that is entirely blue-andwhite (Israeli) and does not rely on foreign assistance or technology. This is a field that is very well-known to young Israelis, in a country that was recently crowned a 'start-up nation'."

Cyberwarfare teams nestle deep within Israel's spy agencies.

The INSS speech is the first time Maj-Gen Yadlin has discussed cyberwarfare in public.

"Cyberspace grants small countries and individuals a power...heretofore the preserve of great states," he said.

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Those who wait for others rather than people

by Abarmard on

for "help"! are against the people and will harm rather than help Iran, as history has shown us over and over.

Most Iranians won't think for a minute to work against their own country, but there are always some who are mis informed and naive or simply stupid to think that their service to another country will service their own.


I prefer cyber war anyday above the real one.

by پیام on

Maybe esrail can save us from these facist basterds.


cyber warfare along with traditional warfare to kill innocent

by Bavafa on

people in Gaza and other parts of ME, is their specialty. 



Compared to Cyber spies of

by vildemose on

Compared to Cyber spies of IRI  they are doing a very good job.


more power to them

by mahmoudg on

go going Israel.



by OmidKarimi on

They have the full right to have such a system. Iran announced its "cyber police" not long ago, and I bet that Centcom, even though innocent and benevolent in their press declerations, have their own users, even on this site, prowling and writing propaganda. 


That is the cost of a free annonymous medium like the internet.


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