How could they afford this PR firm?
Commentary / J. Rubin
18-Nov-2009 (one comment)

As the NIAC and Trita Parsi story unfolds in the wake of Eli Lake’s bombshell story, it is interesting to note just how it might be that many on the Left are simultaneously reaching the same conclusions (e.g., it’s all a neocon conspiracy, Parsi is besieged by an MEK agent).

On Parsi and NIAC’s side is Brown Lloyd James, a PR firm with much experience in this area. The firm’s website tells us: “Brown Lloyd James handled the international launch of Al Jazeera English.” And we also know from news reports that “Brown Lloyd James, a public relations firm with offices in London and New York, has opened an office in Tripoli. It is reported to have placed articles by Colonel Gadaffi in American newspapers.” So they have the best of the best when it comes to representing these sorts of clients.

It should come as no surprise then that even before the Washington Times story was released, NIAC was laying the groundwork to scream foul. Back on November 3, Parsi sent out a fundraising letter, which tipped the hand on the upcoming defense and those who would be telling a sympathetic tale:

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I don't know much about these NIAC allegations, and I never really liked that Parsi character. He looks like he is still in puberty. But, his status went up a notch on my book after I saw this post. 

1, I went to this "commentary" site and I see on their navigation they have  a button dedicated to Israel, Judaism, etc. So right off you know, this is another of those innocuously named entities that is nothing but another place to promote the agenda of a foreign country, Israel. 


2,  It's written by some one  name Rubin, which further validates the connection made above


3, It was posted by a user named "peace45" I've seen this naming trend by many Israel lobby  entities. One example is, "campus-watch", if you go to, they label themselves as, "reviews and critiques Middle East studies in North America with an aim to improving them".

It's sounds innocent until you dig deeper and realize, they are a front for intimidating faculties who may criticize Israel. Basically they have a network of Israel-loyalist in US campuses and they spy on teachers and report any lecture that maybe critical of Israel. The other ones are like center for near east studies, etc. They all sound warm and cozy until you realize the name is just a branding front so they sound harmless and neutral or better yet that when they are quoted on the media it would give further credibility to the quote. 


4, the author makes some allegations and innuendoes , but has zero facts. I don't even know how expensive this PR firm is and how much they are charging them. So without that how can the reader know how they can afford the PR firm. 


It's a shame how Israel lobby is destroying this country. When the entire news system which should be the guardians of democracy, is run by a narrow minority, that democracy cease to exists. And as we can see with the financial melton, commodity price manipulations, to name a few which are mainly controlled by this minority left unreported and resulted in devastating end.