Jerusalem artists go underground
BBC news
03-Nov-2009 (one comment)

A group of about 100 specially invited guests gathered at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate for the evening's programme to begin.

The area is heavily guarded by Israeli security forces, lying on a crucial junction between the city's Arab and Jewish areas. But though the police have already intervened to prevent several Capital of Arab Culture events this year, on this occasion they did not, or could not.

First we were divided up into several sub-groups and then led into the winding alleyways of the Old City.


I feel we have gone back in time, singing here rather than in a modern theatre or concert hall
Vocalist Omar Abu Nejmeh

My party arrived at an old stone house with a small courtyard, where three musicians were waiting to entertain us with a mixture of traditional Palestinian songs and some 20th Century classics from the popular Arab repertoire.

The al-Quds (Jerusalem) Underground Project was under way.

"We have tried to perform at public venues in Jerusalem, but the Israeli authorities always denied permission," said drummer Ahmad Hdeib.

But he added they would never stop trying to "send our voice to the world" from the Old City.

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Shah Ghollam

This is not the only

by Shah Ghollam on

feature of this entity called Israel that is similar to Nazi Germany. The children of holocaust, as much as they claim they hate the Nazis, have learned a great deal from nazis in imposition of suffering on innocent people in order to keep their illigitimacy in force. These days coming to an end, one way or other!