Why Aren't We Connecting the Dots on Iran?
Human Events
27-Oct-2009 (5 comments)
Upon leaving NBC Nightly News in December 2004, Tom Brokaw was asked if there was any story he regretted failing to cover.  His response?  Failing in “connect(ing) the dots on terrorism” prior to 9/11.

As we recovered from the shock of 9/11, many Americans wondered why we did fail to “connect the dots” -- properly combine and analyze -- and then act on the intelligence we were gathering.  Three years earlier, a little known terrorist by the name of Usama bin Laden had declared war against the U.S. Perhaps perceived as no more than the inconsequential leader depicted in the movie The Mouse that Roared, al-Qaeda’s top terrorist evoked little serious concern.  The result was devastating as 9/11 caught us by surprise.

When Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, completes the role he has scripted for himself in detonating a nuclear weapon within the next two years with a view to targeting Israel and/or the U.S., the same question will be asked. Once again, we will be in shock.  Soon after we may again be struggling to recover from a devastating attack that caught us by surprise.

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Shah Ghollam

Yes indeed

by Shah Ghollam on

Garbage is Mr. Kashani's specialty and we all know it!

Farhad Kashani

Payam jaan, Its Neo

by Farhad Kashani on

Payam jaan,

Its Neo Comms, or as in Neo Communists, aziz. It’s the Leftist media, groups, organizations and governments who are anti American, pro Islamists, pro Socialism, anti Capitalism, intolerant, fabricators of truth propagandists.

It’s your antiwars.com, dailykos.com, Seymour Hersh, Jon Stewart, university professors elite, Noam Chomsky, Chavez, NY Times, Guardian,….Its the ones who hind behind nice labels like “progressive” and “anti war” and things like that.

They are in fact old Communists, or folks who still have Communist ideology in them, but they’re not revealing it, rather, they call themselves “progressive”, as if the rest of the world is “regressive”!

 They bash America, support the Mullah regime, fabricate stories to make America look bad, think a group of people by the name of "Zionists!!" control human beings, think corporations rule the world, think every war in the history has been over "oil", think the white race (specially the European one) is evil, think government tell you what to do and what not to do, think the world was peaceful place before America comes to existence, and the first war happened when America was created!!....you get the idea aziz?

Farhad Kashani

Farokh2000, You know what

by Farhad Kashani on


You know what people don’t buy anymore, the outdated Communist-style rhetoric that “CIA brings people to power” and that “AIPAC controls the world”, and that “Imperialism is out there trying to get us”! That rhetoric belongs to museums and whoever perpetuated that type of rhetoric in Iran, prior, during and post the revolution, is partially responsible for the suffering of the Iranian people who some of them believed this garbage and caused all Iranians to suffer since.



What are Neo Comms?

by پیام on

Or did you mean Neo Cons?


Full of Garbage

by farokh2000 on

I am not sure why you bothered to put this Garbage here, but I am sure AIPAC has something to do with you and this article.

Please get a life. We know thw Mullahs are criminals but they are the same criminals that CIA brought to power in 1979 and I am sure they know exactly what they have and don't have.

The same could be said about Saddam and we know what he had and what was said to public that he had.

I am not sure how many naive people are going to buy this kind of Garbage again and again.

Shame on you for distributing this kind of lies.