The $4 billion opportunity off the coast of Gaza
The Jerusalem Post / Matthew Krieger
27-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

In addition to the difficult long-term security concerns that are sure to arise from Operation Cast Lead, the long-overdue Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip has also raised a number of ancillary concerns that will need to be addressed over the coming weeks, including the future of key offshore natural-gas supplies.
About a year ago, The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel and UK-based BG Group, one of the world's largest purveyors of natural gas, broke off talks concerning the possible sale of the natural gas contained in the Gaza Marine gas field, an area about 36 kilometers off of the Gaza coast.

Removing Hamas from power in Gaza and reinstating Fatah will be almost impossible. However, according to newspaper reports, cabinet ministers have been told that some Hamas leaders in Gaza are desperate for a cease-fire and would be willing to settle on almost any terms stipulated by Israel.

This presents the Israeli government and cease-fire negotiating team with the opportunity to snatch control of the royalties from the sales of the natural gas that Hamas is claiming as its own and restore it to the PA. Hamas has been dealt a serious blow and is so vulnerable that giving up its claim on the natural gas as part of a cease-fire agreement will not be such a significant concession.


Dan Huck

Gaza Dead Facilitate Israel "Snatching Control"?

by Dan Huck on

While the Gaza population sits in it's concentration camp, which even the French are forbidden to visit, so the Turks shouldn't feel they are being prejudiced against, the international community, especially Tony Blair et al have not mentioned a word about this nest egg which could do so much to help.

Where is this international community? Where is the Quartet? Where is the outrage of the General Assembly over this fiasco?




Dan: With all due respect

by Bavafa on

If the international community had any back bone, any sense of justice and right or wrong…. This concentration camp would not have ever existed and the jails in Hague would have been filled with war criminals.

The international community (UN) which is ruled and controlled by the West, in particular the US, has failed the people of the world miserably. It took 6 million dead Jews for the world to realize the nature of Nazi regime and I wonder how many million Palestinian dead will take to recognize the nature of Zionism.

Where is the outrage?