Iran Appears to Reject Uranium Management Proposal
NTI / Global Security Network
23-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

Iran informed the director general today that it is considering the proposal in depth and in a favorable light, but it needs time until the middle of next week to provide a response,"
according to an IAEA statement. "The director general hopes that Iran's
response will ... be positive, since approval of this agreement will
signal a new era of cooperation" (International Atomic Energy Agency
release, Oct. 23)

Dan Huck

Maybe Yes, Maybe We Need More Guarantees

by Dan Huck on

Looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places?



Iran should send its portion of the LEU to be processed in...

by Ostaad on

Russian and then on to France in batches of 200 kilos at a time. I strongly support Iran's position to exclude France and only deal with Russia and the US, but on the other hand Iran OWNS some share of the the European nuclear processing consortium located in France. I think Iran should get iron-clad guarantees from the US that its contract with France will not be violated as it has happened before when France simply refused to meet its treaty obligations with Iran.