and Obama is not!
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23-Oct-2009 (4 comments)

 “If only I were not alive and had not seen the day that in the Islamic republic, a citizen wouldcome to me and complain that every variety of appalling and unnatural act would be done in unknown buildings and by less-known people: stripping people and making them face each other and subjecting them to vile insults and urinating in their faces,” he wrote in his letter to the nation. “I said to myself, ‘Where indeed have we arrived 30 years after the revolution?’ ”


A Lone Cleric Is Loudly Defying Iran’s Leaders

by peace45 on

How fascinating to see Obama is bend over to please Ahmadinjad and not "green movement" leaders.  It's also fascinating to see the leader of Democratic Party in the US has not used "human right" words in his speeches at all.  


Shah Ghollam

Why some of you don't get it!

by Shah Ghollam on

Behind all the image building stories that we are bombarded daily in the US, this country is in deep problems. Perhaps far deeper than Iran. If obama could push his way through he would w/o a blink just like Bush, but the US situation is dire in every way and Obama is just too intelligent to realize that. So he will bend over to Iranians. After all, Obama is a learned man and subscribes to the following:

"Gahee poshte zeen va gahee zeen be posht!"



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what do you want obama to do and how will it help? if you care to respond, please be specific