Iran 'retreats' from nuclear deal
19-Oct-2009 (4 comments)

Iran appears to be backing away from a proposed deal to resolve the crisis over its nuclear programme, Iranian media reports suggest.

A state TV channel said Iran wanted to import fuel for its research reactor, without sending its own enriched uranium out of the country.

Russia, France and the US are preparing for talks with Iran on sending its uranium abroad for enrichment.

Iran had agreed in principle to have some uranium shipped out.

Monday's meeting in Vienna, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), had been seen as a test of the diplomatic process now under way.

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Before the Seyyeds came

by alimostofi on

Before the Seyyeds came around, we were strictly above board and very open. Now that the Seyyeds have plundered the oil income, and wasted it on centrifuges, the country looks like a xenophobic pariah state. The citizens of Iran, now face the thought of clear and present danger, from the mistrust the Seyyeds have created. It is this mistrust that has caused all of this. Finally once the bomb is made, the Seyyeds will follow on with their dogma, and prepare the return for their Mahdi by nuking Israel, thinking that they are morally right, when as far as the Zend-Avesta is concerned, they are morally wrong. Iranian morality comes first.

Ali Mostofi




Iran is right

by hass on

Even IF this is true (and no one knows for sure yet) Iran is fully entitled to enrich as much uranium as it wants, as a sovereign right, and there is still NO EVIDENCE at all of any nuclear weapons programs in Iran. In the past everytime IRan showed any flexibility, it was exploited and cheated (when Iran agreed to suspend enrichment for 2 years under the terms of the Paris Agreement with the EU-3, they cheated Iran and violated the Paris Agreement by demanding that Iran permanently give up enrichment)

Any Security Council resolution that demands Iran give up enrichment exceeds the authority of the Security Council's powers. They have no more right to demand that Iran give up enrichment than they have any right to demand that Iran cede parts of its soil to another country.


Or maybe this is what they

by alimostofi on

Or maybe this is what they were going to do all the time, and they made it appear good for Obama to buy time and not force the Chinese to switch sides. There are a lot of Chinese companies involved if the US puts the sanctions on.

But now that the Seyyeds' real intentions are becoming obvious even to naïve Obama, he is not going to be able to prove to the world that he has some special charisma even with his Nobel Prize.

Ali Mostofi




According to Hamshahri paper

by Abarmard on

The Iranian regime believed that the West would refuse Iranian offer and Iran would have a better card to play in the International arena. They have said that Ahmadinejad had offered such deal knowing well that it will not be accepted.

A miscalculation on the Iranian side. We will witness more miscalculations since the regime personnel has changed and intelligent decision makers are now Ahmadinejad's loyal servants.