Russia "Nyet!" and China "Bu Shi!" to Tougher Iran Sanctions
Huffinton Post / Marc Ginsberg
16-Oct-2009 (4 comments)

Iran's anti-democratic and repressive regime is a member of a fraternal club of other like-minded anti-democratic and repressive regimes which include Russia and China. They do stick together. And
friends they are indeed!

In one bad week for us good guys, both Russia and China brushed aside diplomatic entreaties from the Obama administration and in a one-two punch rejected calls for tougher economic sanctions to thwart Iran's nuclear weapons development program.

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Mr. Payam

by capt_ayhab on

May I ask a question from you?

Asides from being in total agreement with you on brutality of IR, Would you want to see a harsh sanction on Iranian public, knowing that the fragile subsidy driven economy could easily claps and cause grave consequences to the people?




To bad for Iranians inside Iran.

by پیام on

It is not in interest of Iranians that Russia and China are the heavy weight backers of the corrupt i.r. Well, who can blame them being the current superpowers in the region using Iranians like a cash cow and as a political leverage against USA.



by capt_ayhab on

She tried very hard to spin the issue, but Russia and China were crystal clear.

Lets wait and see when she is going to get the message ;-)


Shah Ghollam

But I I can bet

by Shah Ghollam on

you that Clinton has not got the message yet!