Israel to Turkey FM: If you want to visit Gaza, don't come here / Barak Ravid
13-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

A senior Israeli official said that over a month ago
the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry contacted his Israeli
counterpart Yossi Gal, and offered to arrange a visit by the Turkish
foreign minister to Israel.

The Turkish official asked Gal about the possibility of a visit to
Gaza and Gal told him that he would be welcomed warmly in Israel but
that a visit to the Gaza Strip would "not be helpful".

A few weeks later, Turkish offices again tried to bring up the
issue of a visit to Gaza and Turkey's Ambassador to Israel Namik Tan
met with Gal and told him that Davutoglu received an invite to the
Presidents' Conference in October and was weighing whether to attend.
The Turkish ambassador asked if a trip to Gaza during that time would
be possible.

The decision was later made in the Foreign Ministry that if the
Turkish foreign minister's trip to Israel were to include a visit to
the Gaza Strip, the request would have to be refused.

A top Israel official said "Turkish leadership during Operation Cast Lead did not encourage us to agree to this request."

Dan Huck

NATO Member Turkey Forbidden To See Gaza Conc Camp

by Dan Huck on

NATO Member Turkey's Foreign Minister was forbidden from visiting Gaza in conjunction with a planned trip to Israel.

One month ago the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was 'dissed' by the Israelis with apparent impunity regarding a request he be 'allowed' to visit Gaza. Perhaps this snub, as well as the shameful facts on the ground in Gaza, contributed to the un-inviting of the Israelis to participate in the NATO exercise which was to have taken place in Turkey, and in Turkey's air space.

Perhaps the leadership of NATO should request the opportunity to visit Gaza and make a report to the member nations as to the conditions there, and if they believe the comparisons being made to a concentration camp by people in the international community have any validity.



A$$holes getting one more enemy

by XerXes on

They know what kind of $hit they have done and are worried that Turkey, unlike the chicken US media, might broadcast what kind of crimes the bastards have done to those poor people.