Nobel laureate praises Iranian women’s movement / WashingtonTV


7 October (WashingtonTV)—Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Shirin
Ebadi, on Tuesday praised the courage of Iranian women and their
struggle for equality, amid state-imposed discriminatory laws.

laws imposed on Iranian women are incompatible with their status and,
consequently, the equality movement is very strong,” she said in an
op-ed published in the London-based Guardian newspaper.

lacking a leader, headquarters, or branches, the movement is located in
the home of any Iranian who believes in equal rights for men and
women,” she added.

Iran’s most prominent human rights lawyer, wrote that the government’s
crackdown on women’s rights activists had not dampened their
determination in their struggle for equality.

said that one of the most important ways Iranian women were
demonstrating their objection to the discrimination was through the One
Million Signatures Campaign for Equality.

campaign, launched in 2006, is collecting signatures from Iranian men
and women, calling for the revision and reform of current laws which
discriminate against women in Iran.

said that more than 50 campaigners have been prosecuted, and some
deprived of ... >>>