UN Security Council to meet today on Goldstone report
Haaretz / Shlomo Shamir
06-Oct-2009 (2 comments)

The United Nations Security Council is scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss Libya's request for an emergency session on a report that accused Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas of committing war crimes during Israel's offensive in Gaza. 


The Palestinian UN Mission issued a press release saying it affirmed full support for the Libyan request. 


A senior Western diplomat told Haaretz that in principle, Libya could convene a General Assembly session on the Goldstone report, but that he thought that "Libya will hesitate to take such an initiative as long as the Palestinian Authority is not interested in such a UN session. Libya will appear ridiculous if the involved party doesn't want a session, and it calls for one." 


Dan Huck

The Stuff Will Hit The Fan! Goldstone Report at SC

by Dan Huck on

In the Social Services world it is very common for an abuse victim not to want to put in a formal complaint, nor to challenge their abuser in any way. Abusers frequently let their victims know that if they do report them, it will not go well for the person who is abused. In too many of these cases the abused person ends up dead!


An apartheid population like the Palestinians, impoverished, living in camps, penned in - every description parallels cases of individual women and children we've all read about who have been abused by people who have had power over them.


So the situation is equivalent in many ways, and the UN and the people of the world will see it that way.


It's quite unimaginable for the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, for example, to have participated in this further extortionate and intimidating behavior, buying into Israel's self-serving efforts at intimidating the Palestinians to 'shut up and sit in the back of the bus',  both as a woman, who one would think would be more sensitive to the subject of abuse, and as an American Diplomat appointed to her position by a person, President Obama, who also has expressed on many occasions a fine awareness of how people are made to feel as second class citizens.


I say Hurray to Libya, and won't it be a super thing for the supporters of arrogance, intimidation, exceptionalism and impunity to have their day in court.


This story will not be covered appropriately in our major media, so I suggest sending links to this Haaretz article to people you know


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I stay hopeful that the justice will be served one day

by Bavafa on

What the world need to realize is that is the moment of the truth and if they push this under the rug, they have invited more crimes against innocent people around the world.