New doubt on US's Iran plant claim
Asia Times Online / Gareth Porter
05-Oct-2009 (one comment)

WASHINGTON - An Iranian assertion that construction on its second uranium-enrichment facility began only last year and further analysis of satellite photos of the site have cast fresh doubts on the Barack Obama administration's charge that the construction of the plant near the holy city of Qom involved a covert decision to violate Iran's obligations to report immediately to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on any decision to build a new facility. 

Dan Huck

An Open Letter To President Obama

by Dan Huck on

Dear Mr. President:

It appears your advisors are not in tune with your 'open hand' approach and you are getting inappropriate advice . The most recent case in point being Iran's notification of the IAEA that it had a new nuclear facility under construction and the briefing on Sept. 25 by senior administration officials regarding the site. Paul Craig Roberts blog // , of Sept. 29 , and Gareth Porter, IPS news report Fresh Doubts Emerge ...


as well as the article referenced above, point to slipshod analysis on the part of some senior administration officials, or worse, in that the specter of Israel's malevolent perspective (some will say) darkens and demonizes the thought processes of some of these advisors. Perhaps Mr. Charles Freeman would at least have been, and perhaps still could be, an offset to this mindset.

The Nation and the world continue to have great hope in your ability to bring mature thoughtfulness and appropriate hesitation in responding to complex issues which may not be what some 'interested' advisors assure you they are.

It's embarrassing to the nation for us to be continuously backpedaling on things of this nature. Backpedaling, however, is far better than reverting to our past policies in Iran and Iraq of SSS:  Supposition, Shoot, Sorry.  


Dan Huck



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