They're Global Citizens. They're Hugely Rich. And They Pull the Strings.
Carnegie Endowment / David Rothkopf
04-Oct-2009 (3 comments)

We didn't elect them. We can't throw them out. And they're getting more powerful every day.

Call them the superclass.

At the moment, Americans are fixated on the political campaign. In the meantime, many are missing a reality of the global era that may matter much more than their presidential choice: On an ever-growing list of issues, the big decisions are being made or profoundly influenced by a little-understood international network of business, financial, government, cultural and military leaders who are beyond the reach of American voters.

In addition to top officials, these people include corporate executives, leading investors, top bankers, media moguls, heads of state, generals, religious leaders, heads of terrorist and criminal organizations and a handful of important cultural and scientific figures. Each of these roughly 6,000 individuals is set apart by their power and ability to regularly influence millions of lives across international borders. The group is not monolithic, but none is more globalized or has more influence over the direction in which the global era is heading.


We all bow to the Superclass

by oktaby on

An interesting statistics driven view of world in the shadow of then American 2008 presidential elections. It was published in mainstream media only to disappear shortly afterwards. It is back on some sites.


Jahanshah Javid

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I sent you an email. If you want to present entire articles from other sites, they should be posted only in the news section, not in blogs.


jj, how did this end up here as news. It is not

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I blogged it and it is not from Washington post.