UN puts off action on Gaza report
BBC news
02-Oct-2009 (3 comments)

The report says Israel and Palestinian militants committed war crimes, and possible crimes against humanity, during the Israeli offensive in Gaza.

The report has come under sustained attack from Israel and its supporters.

The council, which since last month includes the US, failed to agree on a draft resolution endorsing the report. It will now be considered in March.

Palestinian officials denied the deferral was a victory for Israel.

It was reported earlier on Friday that the Palestinian Authority had withdrawn its support for a resolution endorsing the report, after strong pressure from Washington, but this was strongly denied by Palestinian officials.


A shameful decision, not only for the UN but for

by Bavafa on

A shameful decision, not only for the UN but for the world peace and justice


Mola Nasredeen

what a bunch of losers,

by Mola Nasredeen on

Mahmoud Abbas and Arab dictator who made Pakistan to withdraw the petition.

Their message to Israel is clear:

"confiscate Palestinian land, build settlements on their land, attack, kill, destroy and imprison them if they protest"

Shah Ghollam

Nothing new

by Shah Ghollam on

What this does is to convince the world who runs the UN, IAEA and other UN organizations.

nazis look very good now. after all, the world watched this brutal massacare by these animals live on TV and civilized world cannot bring them to justice, that is if there is such a thing as civilized major powers!

Might is right is the real message sent to the world and Iran.