Iran agrees to send enriched uranium to Russia
New York Times / Steven Erlanger and Mark Landler
02-Oct-2009 (one comment)

Iran agreed on Thursday in talks with the United States and other major powers to open its newly revealed uranium enrichment plant near Qum to international inspection in the next two weeks and to send most of its openly declared enriched uranium to Russia to be turned into fuel for a small reactor that produces medical isotopes, senior American and other Western officials said.

Iran’s agreement in principle to export most of its enriched uranium for processing — if it happens — would represent a major accomplishment for the West, reducing Iran’s ability to make a nuclear weapon quickly and buying more time for negotiations to bear fruit.

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Only a portion of its Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) is...

by Ostaad on

part of this deal, not Iran's entire stockpile of LEU. The deal is Iran will ship more than a ton of its existing 3.5% LEU to Russia AND France to be enriched to 19.5% to be used in Tehran's research reactor, which was sold to Iran by the US for nuclear R7D. Iran by no means is giving up Uranium mining and processing activities. Uranium enrichment to the 3.5% level will continue in the Natanz site.