Iranian Regime Faces Worst Enemy Yet: Itself
Huffington Post / Melody Moezzi

The Iranian people reminded the world on Friday that they will not let themselves be ignored or forgotten. Despite the orders and warnings of the regime against any opposition protests, defiant Iranians poured into the streets in the thousands.

The occasion was Quds Day, the annual day on which Iran shows its support for and solidarity with the Palestinian people. Iranians can empathize with Palestinians today more than ever, but not in the way that Iran's self-proclaimed President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants them to.

Since the likely fraudulent presidential election in June and the ensuing murders, arrests, torture and show trials, the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran has lost pretty much any credibility it had left among its own people. In the process, the regime has become both oppressor and occupier, and as such, today's young Iranians are having a great deal of difficulty telling the difference between the tactics of the Israeli Defense Forces and those of the Revolutionary Guard.

By proclaiming their support for the Palestinian people while continuing to falsely imprison, torture and abuse their own citizens, the leaders of the allegedly Islamic Republic have achieved an entirely new level hypocrisy, and this has not been lost on the Iranian people.

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