Obama has hung the Iranian democracy protesters out to dry in the 2010 budget.
Congressional REsearch Service
20-Sep-2009 (4 comments)

Congressional Research Service report--May 19, 2009--Obama has hung the Iranian democracy protesters out to dry in the 2010 budget.

 Page 44: As shown, $67 million has been appropriated for Iran democracy promotion ($19.6 million through DRL and $48.6 million through the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs/USAID).

Of that, as of October 2008, $42.7 million has been obligated, and $20.8 million disbursed. Additional funds, discussed in the chart below, have been appropriated for cultural exchanges, public diplomacy, and broadcasting to Iran.

However, the Obama Administration did not request funding for democracy promotion in Iran in its FY2010 budget request, an indication that the new Administration views this effort as inconsistent with its belief in dialogue with Iran. 


Obama cuts funding!

by peace45 on

hmmm, how many more actions against Iranian-people can we take by Obama's administration? Hope and Change for me but not for thee!!


che khabar e

well said Ostaad

by che khabar e on

The west (US) should continue supporting the PEOPLE of the movement IN IRAN, not the mouth pieces outside Iran. 

Peace45.  I thought you were against foreign intervention????? 


I second that Ostaad

by benross on

I second that Ostaad


What makes you think that...

by Ostaad on

the Irnaian democracy protesters uprising has ever depended on such puny amounts of money from the US?!!!

Those paltry number of dollars where mainly sucked up by some opportunists who have setup radio-TV-Internet shops mainly in LA and other places OUTSIDE Iran. These "media outlets" proved to be ineffective to the extend that all the "reporting" they were doing was by people involved in social networking INSIDE Iran.

The US has been a great source of help for the Iranian uprising. But that help has not been the result of giving money to business men and women in the US and other places. Most of that help has been to allow the democratic voice of Iranians that is raised inside Iran to outsiders, who care about the events in Iran. 

I think this is the best way to deal with and help the Iranian uprising. Iranians inside Iran NEVER asked for any money from the US, so who cares if it is not in the budget.

Unless your own business depends on it.