Why Defining ‘Natural Growth’ Is So Confusing, On Purpose: Bibi Keeps the Boundaries Vague, And Won’t Utter the Actual Phrase
The Forward / Nathan Jeffay
13-Sep-2009 (2 comments)

Givat Ha’eytam, a lonely hill in the Israeli occupied West Bank, seems like anything but a natural part of the bustling 8,000-person Jewish settlement of Efrat. Indeed, the stony outcrop, with its view of Efrat’s buildings in the distance, soon will be cut off from that settlement by the separation barrier Israel is building across the length of the West Bank, ostensibly to protect Israelis from Palestinian terrorism.

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Give An Inch And They'll Take A Mile of Palestine

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 Let's not drop the ball on the Settlements!


The aerial photo below is of the Efrat Settlement Master Plan. According to the scale shown, the settlement has a maximum length of approximately 12 km. It encompasses approximately 1 square mile of land, and as you can see, probably less than 1/15 of the area is built upon. The Separation Wall is the red line, and as the settlement is 6.6 km from the Armistice line (Green line), this apparently is one of the areas where the Separation Wall is being used to carve out massive new land grabs.





Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem


A Picture is worth a thousand words!


To get a better picture of the kind of living room the Israelis are attempting to get for themselves in the current negotiations, and how misleading the statements from the Israeli leadership are, saying they are only looking for the ability to build kindergartens for families who are already living in a settlement, or they only want to be able to add on a room or two for family expansion for growing families, take a look at the picture below from the article from the Forward and read the excellent and informative article.



Room to Grow: From Givat Ha’eytam, a West Bank hill, the Jewish settlement of Efrat is visible in the distance. The remote land is within Efrat’s municipal boundaries and could be developed without being identified as a new settlement


George Mitchell needs the international communities awareness of the complexity and depth of detail involved in what the Israelis are trying to slip under the radar, so that sufficient outrage is maintained over the chutzpah of the request for a little "lebensraum".  The settlements must be dismantled, but most especially, the Settlement Master Plans must be declared not worth the paper they are written upon, being the dream of an illegal occupier to hold on to lands it has no entitlement to under international law and Resolutions of the U.N. Security Council, as well as the Geneva Conventions.


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Efrat settlement master plan, and room to grow pictures

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Sorry, some technical incompetence showing here! To see the very clear and illustrative aerial photo with the master plan, Red Line, etc., superimposed, please copy and paste: //www.poica.org/editor/case_studies/Efrat_master_plan_07.jpg