Economic risk in Iran to decrease: Business Monitor
Business Monitor (via Peyvand)
09-Sep-2009 (5 comments)


TEHRAN, Sept. 8 (Mehr News Agency) – The economic risk factor in Iran is anticipated to decrease by nine percent in fourth quarter of 2009 compared to third quarter, Business Monitor has forecasted in its latest report.

Fars new agency quoted the report as the figure of Iran''s economic risk would be reduced to 46.5, attributed to the decline in inflation rate and sustaining economic growth amid the global recession.

The Business Monitor report further added that among 13 Middle Eastern countries four of them, namely Iran, Oman, Syria and Lebanon show a decrease in economic risk in the short-term.


Bad News for Zio-Nazis

by k1s1000 on

seems that after all Ahmadinejad was right in his campaign about inflation going lower. Where is Mrs. Mousavi now?


Farhad Kashani

As if Israel gives a flying crap!

by Farhad Kashani on


Israel is not obsessed with Iran as much as IRI and its goon supporters are obsessed with a love/hate relationship with Israel. If you don’t drop the word “Israel” from your mouth, that doesn’t mean that you’re hardcore anti Israeli, that means you have a sever obsession with Israel, and usually that obsession is not just “hate”!

A shrink would tell you that, speaking of that, you need to see one!


Wow, that's the news I was waiting for. I am going to invest....

by پیام on

.... in the stress free finacial climate of Iran, now that I have red this here. Biased as usual k1000.

Louie Louie


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go for it K1S1000

by cyclicforward on

Take all your money and invest in the pit hole of Dr. AN. More power to you moron.