A modest proposal
Haaretz.com / Rachel Giora (Prof. at Tel Aviv Univ.)
03-Sep-2009 (one comment)

Like the president of Ben-Gurion University of the
Negev, Prof. Rivka Carmi, I too believe the demand that Dr. Neve Gordon
resign as head of the university's Department of Politics and
Government is a legitimate and even modest demand, given the financial
damage the university will sustain if he fails to do so. Accordingly,
it is up to Gordon, who desires what is best for his institution, to
comply with the demand forthwith.

Dan Huck

The German Dilemma Repeats Itself, in Israel

by Dan Huck on

The German Dilemma Repeats Itself, Ironically in The Land of It's Victims!

Honorable people and institutions retain their integrity even if it costs them.  Dr. Neve Gordon, head of BGU's Dept. of Politics and Government called for a boycott of Israel, which, he says, "has become an apartheid state". He is being pushed to 'quit' his position.

When public/private institutions don't tow the line to the fascistic expectations of those to whom they are beholden, in this case well-to-do American and Israeli Jews primarily, heads will roll. It's an unfortunate reality of living under fascism, but when everyone is happy it has its positives, I guess.  It's human nature to grow accustomed to the benificence of debauchers.  As Pinocchio was supposed to have taught us, there are no free lunches.

We in America have to contend with it as well, and of course Jews have no monopoly on it. Harvard came under great stress after Walt and Mearsheimer published "The Israel Lobby", and the Catholic University, DePaul, denied tenure to Prof. Norman Finkelstein under obvious pressure from those who don't like the light he shines, and where he shines it.