Report: UN nuclear agency chief says threat posed by Iran is somewhat 'hyped'
02-Sep-2009 (9 comments)

VIENNA (AP) — The head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency is quoted as saying he thinks that in many ways the threat posed by Iran has been "hyped."

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published by a group of prominent scientists, interviewed International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

The magazine quotes ElBaradei as saying there is no concrete evidence that Tehran has an ongoing nuclear weapons program. Despite that, ElBaradei says, "many people are talking about how Iran's nuclear program is the greatest threat to the world."

It quotes the Nobel Peace Prize laureate as saying: "In many ways, I think the threat has been hyped."

Iran insists its program is peaceful. The U.S. and others contend it is trying to build a bomb.


Zio-Nazis' Plan: Hype Iran Nuclear Program

by k1s1000 on

It seems that Zio-Nazis' hand in overplaying Iran's nuclear program is now coming to the light. I wonder what is next in their sleeves!

In the past they used MKO as "source" within Iran to hype peaceful development of nuclear program in Iran. Now that MKO has to hide for cover, Zio-Nazis may be looking for another "source".



I won't be using my brain capacity for sympathizers of I.R.

by پیام on

In the case of brains being wasted, I think you have the upper hand, judged by the crusade you have started on in defend of I.R. killers.

Concerning my view on life, it may seem a bit radical, but hey you fight fire with fire. I am just surprised how you of all people, dare to give me advice on that matter. Now, go and find some more articles sympathetic to I.R. and post it here. I'll be right here to bring them down :)


Mr. Payam, you may want to think a bit ...

by k1s1000 on

Payam Khan

Brain and ability to think is the best gift of god to human beings. Whether it is used effectively depends on the way a human was brought up and trained. I think you have wasted yours. Sorry man. You are missing something significant in your view of life. 




Don't go crying when yourself start calling names.

by پیام on

But in teh case of agressors, mollahs in Iran just not so long ago, actually 2 month ago ( you must have amnesia) showed the world how cruel their nature is. And that was their own people. Let alone what they would do others if they were capable.


What are you a 4 Year Old!?

by farokh2000 on

"Moron is the mother and father who gave birth to stupids like yourself"!?

I have not seen language like that in a long time.

You must be special. Very intelligent, of coures!

What if Iran WERE trying to develop Nuclear Arms?

They are circled by Israel and  U.S all over that area. The powers that have proven to have no heart, whatsoever when it comes to using their Nuclear Arms. Isn't U.S. the only Country that has used the Bomb to murderother innocent human beings?.

Isn't Israel, the only other ME Country with stockpile of Nukes, that is occupying and murdering innocent people, who you don't care about?

If you were circled like that, would you not want to defend yourself?

Tell me the last time Iran attacked, occupied and killed any other nation, Mr. Intelligent?

Just becasue we hate the Mullahs, it doesnot mean we would be willing to have the Country under attack from outsiders.

The funny thing is the people who are crying wolf are the ones who have been the agressors, occupiers and murderers.

If you were intelligent enough to understand this, then you would not be using a child's language, of course. I should have guessed that.


Moron is the mother and father who gave birth to stupids like..

by پیام on

...yourself. If you wish to have a grown up discussion, mind your language.

For my part Israel kills all arabs. I wouldn't care less. They may also occupy their land, non of my concern. Arabs have caused us Iranians enough grief over the last centuries. Not long ago we were fighting them at our own borders. They can not count on Iranian sympathy ( and money) anymore. Having said the above, I give arabs every right to get back what rightfully is theirs.

the nuclear matter of islamic republic, every well thinking political analyst  knows that i.r. is
after nuclear weapon capability. Only less knowledgables like you who do not have the power of analyzing complicated matters, doubt this. I.r. mostly wants to have a better negotiation
possition with other powers in the region and this will jeopardize
Israel's power position. Actually it's very existenz since i.r.'s
leaders don't make a secret out of the fact that they would want to end
Israel's sovereignty. So yeah, Israel has my permission to stop those
morons in Iran. I just hope that it won't hurt Iranian life.Having said that, I sincerly hope that this matter does not escalate and it doesn't end up in war.

My advice to you is that don't think only you have the right answer. I reaaly suggest you go and educate yourself, kiddo.


"Israel has every right"?

by farokh2000 on

"Israel has every right to stop Iran from it. The same way that arabs
have every right to kick Israel out of their occupied land."

You are saying these 2 things are equally the same rights, really?

Isarel is occupying the land and killing the people who own and live there.

It would be like your neighbor coming to your house, taking over and killing your family in the process and claiming ownership.

How does that equal what Iran is doing, you moron?

I hate the Mullahs as much and maybe more than the average Iranian, but their work with Nuclear Power Plants, which has been verified by UN so many times, is not the same as what the murderers of Israeli Government are doing.

Get real, or get educated, please.


So tiring to argue with people like you k1s1000!

by پیام on

Isn't it ubvious to you that a government who does not care for it's own people, would definitely not care for it's arch enemy? I.R. is after nuclear weapon capability and Israel has every right to stop Iran from it. The same way that arabs have every right to kick Israel out of their occupied land.