Obama sends the 2nd letter to Khamenei & anticipates Iran talks response
02-Sep-2009 (4 comments)

Diplomatic sources tell The Cable that the Obama administration has recently said it saw signs that the Iranian government plans to issue some sort of response to the West's offer to engage on its nuclear program. But, diplomats said, the Obama administration anticipates that the response when tested will not prove meaningful, and is likely at most to only stretch for a short time an anticipated effort to start pushing for international sanctions in the coming weeks and months targeting Iran.

The Obama administration has given Iran until September 15 to respond to the talks offer, or face an increased international sanctions effort.

Senior administration officials also confirmed to Western diplomats previous reports that the Obama administration did receive a letter from the Iranian government before its June 12 elections responding to a reported Obama letter offering negotiations. They were excited they had got a response, the diplomat said of the Obama administration, but said the letter itself was pretty disappointing. It did not get into anything of substance and had nothing to build on


What's behind Obama's urge in talking to Iran

by peace45 on

Obama was supported heavily by many mega-corporations like GE ...Now Obama has to pay them back.  America is in recession and they have to find a government to sell their stuff.  

 Shame on Obama for playing this game when he fooled us and  campagned on "Change and Hope" mantra...no wonder there are sites like this for Obama:



Artificial Intelligence

Obama's big mistake

by Artificial Intelligence on

This is a terrible decision by Obama. He will lose on this one.


Obama is right

by liberation08 on

The vast majority of iranians want better relations with the united states. thousands in tehran celebrated the news of obama's election in november

why deprive them of their dream? like it or not, ahmadinejad is pres and the current regime is still in power, and iran has to be dealt with as such. linking diplomacy with regime change is nonsense 

obama was right to refer to the "islamic republic of iran" and to contact khamenei directly. now, khamenei himself will be accountable for how the regime deals with the U.S.


Mr. Obama do you know the words like "Human rights"???!!!

by peace45 on

I bet you not a word about human rights in the letter to Dear Khamenei...