NATO Concerned as Iran Extends its Nuclear Missile Range to Europe
Jpost / Yaakov Katz
31-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

"Iran can now reach Israel but still wants to develop longer ranges," a NATO official has said. "We believe that in the foreseeable future, Iran could fire conventional or nuclear-tipped missiles into Europe."

As a result, NATO's interest in Iran has dramatically increased in recent months as the Islamic Republic works to upgrade its ballistic missiles and increase their range so they can penetrate deep into Europe, according to officials at the Western military alliance.

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Also, Shah Gholam

by Onlyiran on

I just want to get this straight: so, in your opinion, imeprialism, militarization and weapons building is a good thing when it is for the benefit of the IRI and other Islamo-Mafia?  See here, please:




by Onlyiran on

In a nutshell, no he's not shamed.  If the past thirty years have shown us anything, it is that IRI operatives have no shame.


Shah Gholam, or better said, Gholame shah Ali,

by پیام on

How dare you to still promote I.R. propaganda at Are you not ashamed after seeing the burutality taking place in Iran? Have you not seen enough to decide that Iran's government consists of liars and that I.R. acctually is after nuclear weapon's capability?


Stop promoting these butcher's propaganda over here and open your eyes to see the reality.

Shah Ghollam

Eye catching title!

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NATO Concerned as Iran Extends its Nuclear Missile Range to Europe

 Israel has failed to contain Iran's peaceful nuclear activities. The title of this article refers to Iranian nuclear tipped missiles while IAEA repeatedly has announced that Iran does not have any military program in its nuclear efforts and is a long way from having a nuclear tipped missile even if Iran decides to have one today.