Iran diplomat denies UAE weapons ship seizure
29-Aug-2009 (4 comments)

As reports claim that the United Arab Emirates has seized a ship carrying North Korean weapons to Iran, an Iranian diplomatic source moves to deny.

“Reports about the seizure of a ship in the UAE have been fabricated by Zionist media outlets in an attempt to influence the outcome of the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency [on Iran's nuclear activities],” an informed political source said on Saturday.

“Now that Iran has the best level of cooperation with the IAEA, certain Western media outlets, which are influenced by the Zionist lobby, fabricate news to highlight normal relations between different countries,” the source added.

The Financial Times reported that the ship was seized "some weeks ago," and identified some of the armaments as basic weaponry, including rocket-propelled grenades.


Fabrication: A Zio-Nazi Expertise

by k1s1000 on

It seems that blood sucking creatures (zio-nazis) are playing fabrication games. They have been doing that for  along time (including inflating hallowcast numbers) and the rest....



Islamo-Nazi's are the worst

by mahmoudg on

I would take the side of Israel any day over the blood sucking, citizen raping, islamic clerics and their followers in Iran.  The day the Islamo-Nazi's can create companies who are traded on the NASDAQ or the NYSE is the day they can compare themselves to the so called zionists.  Israel is powerful because they have used their talents in creating.  If Muslims learn to do the same instead of wasting energy in destroying other's and themselves, perhaps they could claim a righteous place in the civilized world.


Hahahahah, don't make me luagh k1s1000.

by پیام on

Zio-Nazi's are way less of a blood sucker than Islamo-Fascists running the show in Iran. Let them make up anything they want in order to discredit the Iranian government. k1s1000, You are of the kind that still blames the zionists and the western powers for the recent civil protests around Iran.


btw, what does your nickname mean? Anything with bikes (motorcycles)?

khaleh mosheh

PressTV quoting an Iranian Diplomat

by khaleh mosheh on

has just about enough credibility as the news of Martian invasion of the earth printed in a 1958 Marvels comic book.