DNC gives up Hassan Nemazee donations!!!!
27-Aug-2009 (2 comments)

The Democratic National Committee on Thursday joined the growing group of politicians and committees pledging to return or donate to charity campaign contributions from Democratic moneyman Hassan Nemazee, who was arrested and charged Tuesday with trying to defraud Citibank of $74 million by offering fake collateral for a loan.

But a DNC official stopped short of promising that Obama would give back or give away contributions from other donors that came through Nemazee through a process known as bundling that brought in more than $500,000 for Obama’s campaign.

Instead, Obama, his inaugural committee and the DNC will donate to an as-yet unspecified charity a total of $61,700, according to the DNC official.

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Tide is turning for IAPAC and Hassan Nemazee

by peace45 on

Nemazee was Regime / Mullah lover and he fooled Democrats like no other could.  It's amazing the our smartest politicians like HIllary and Barack could not tell how fraud he was.  So much for Obama being our smartest president!!

 I guess Namezee being out of the equation, Democrats and Obama do not need to kiss Mullahs' asses anymore.   


REMEMBER THAT Nemazee sits on the board of directors of the Iranian American Political Action Committee!!!



peace45, a "mullah lover" gave to Rahm Emanuel and Republicans?

by Anonymous8 on

"Nemazee has personally contributed more than $500,000 to dozens of primarily Democratic candidates, committees and causes, including Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel and fully half the members of the U.S. Senate, including a handful of Republicans. "


that would be very funny if true.